Thursday, October 17, 2013

Group Break Results: Panini Golden Age Box

I am still waiting on the Topps Update box but I decided to kick things off anyway.  This is the Panini Golden Age box.  I know that there will be quite a few non-baseball cards in this thing, but there should be some nice cards anyway.

Good luck everyone!

Joe Tinker - Chicago Cubs
Up first was a large Exhibit box-topper.  This one is for one of the famous Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance Cubs players.  Apparently, I have the Cubs.

Henry Fonda - Actor
Joe Wood Playing Cards - Boston Red Sox
Tommy Smothers Mini Carolina Brights- Entertainer
Frank Chance - Chicago Cubs
Darrell Waltrip - Daytona 500 Winner
Bigfoot - Legend

The one card I really wanted was the Smoky Joe Wood Playing Card, and boom!  First pack.  Awesome.  This actually made it to my Top 10 Most Wanted list.  There are quite a few non-baseball cards in this set.

Apollo 11 - NASA
Bo Derek Playing Cards - Actress
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Flight 19 Mini Carolina Brights - Mystery
Bobby Jones - Golf Champion
Lyman Bostock - Minnesota Twins
Jim Kiick - NFL Player

One baseball card.  Apparently I also have the Twins.  I will likely divide up the non-baseball cards among everyone.

Fielding Yost - Football Coach
Sam McDowell - Cleveland Indians
Karen & Mickey Taylor, Seattle Slew Mini Caramels
Lyndon Johnson - President
Harry Houdini - Illusionist
John Belushi - Comedian

Baseball Dad gets his first card, a Sam McDowell.  I might give the horse-racing cards to my wife who loves that sort of thing.

Jake Daubert - Brooklyn Dodgers
John F. Kennedy Playing Cards - President
Affirmed - Triple Crown Winner
Sea Biscuit - Legend
Mike Schmidt - Philadelphia Phillies
Bo Derek - Actress

Baseball Dad and Amy each get a card here.

Mario Andretti - Indy 500 Winner
Joker Playing Card
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Barry Williams Mini Carolina Brights - Actor
Riva Ridge - Thoroughbred
Dale Murphy - Atlanta Braves
Steve Stone - Baltimore Orioles

The Braves go to I Don't Know...3rd Base, who gets two cards in this pack.  He also picked the Orioles.

Jacob Ruppert - New York Yankees
Eve Plumb - Actress
Jake Daubert Museum Age Bat Card - Brooklyn Dodgers
Abe Attell Mini Caramels- Boxing Champ
Joe Morgan - Cincinnati Reds
Walter Hagen - U.S. Open Winner
Tommy John - Chicago White Sox

Wow, that Jake Daubert is a really nice card.  Baseball Dad with a huge pickup here.  That is going to be a hard card to top.  Daubert was active in the 1910's.  A real old bat piece.  Baseball Dad also picked up the Morgan and JediJeff got his first card, a Tommy John.  The Yankees also have a card here.

Woodrow Wilson - President
Bob Denver - Actor
Jane Russell Museum Age Dress Relic (?) - Actress
Jimmy Carter Mini Caramels - President
Henry Ford - Industrialist
Yogi Berra - New York Yankees
Evel Knievel - Daredevil

Not entirely sure who Jane Russell is but this is another nice card.  The Yankees get another card.

Jim Bottomley - St. Louis Cardinals
Red Grange Headlines - NFL
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Donna Douglas Mini Caramels - Actress
Rod Serling - Screenwriter
Gary Lee Cavagnaro - Bad News Bears
Ron Guidry - New York Yankees

Another Yankees card.

Hack Wilson - Chicago Cubs
Steve Cauthen Historic Signatures - Jockey
Woodrow Wilson Mini Caramels - President
Flight 19 - Mystery
Johnny Evers - Chicago Cubs
Joe Frazier - Boxing Champ

The autograph from the box is a jockey.  I am not totally sure how to feel about that.  The Cubs add two more cards.

PACK 10:
Doak Walker - NFL
Billy Sunday - Evangelist
Evel Knievel Mini Caramels - Daredevil
Donna Douglas- Actress
Jimmy Carter - President
Affirmed - Triple Crown Winner

Ouch.  Not a singly baseball card.

PACK 11:
Wally Pipp - New York Yankees
Brooks Robinson Headlines - Baltimore Orioles
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Bobby Richardson Mini Caramels - New York Yankees
Abe Attell - Boxing Champ
Karen & Mickey Taylor, Seattle Slew
Jackie Earle Haley - The Bad News Bears

A nice Orioles card for I Don't Know and two more Yankees.

PACK 12:
Henry Winkler - Actor
Secretariat Playing Card - Triple Crown Winner
Joe Wood Mini Carolina Brights - Boston Red Sox
Al Simmons - Philadelphia Athletics
Bill Freehan - Detroit Tigers
Bob Griese - NFL

A Tiger for I Don't Know, a Red Sox mini for me of Joe Wood, a player without a lot of cards, and an Athletic for Dean.  His first card of the break.

PACK 13:
Ted Simmons - St. Louis Cardinals
The Three Stooges - A Pain in the Pullman
Don Maynard Mini Caramels - NFL
Walter Cronkite - News Anchor
George Brett - Kansas City Royals
Keith Hernandez - St. Louis Cardinals

JediJeff pulls a couple of Cardinals and I guess the Royals are mine.  I like the Three Stooges card.

PACK 14:
Mel Ott - New York Giants
Nap Lajoie Playing Card - Cleveland Indians
Rudolph Valentino Mini Carolina Brights - Actor
Rudolph Valentino - Actor
Penny Marshall - Actress
David Pollock - Bad News Bears

Nice Indian for Baseball Dad and a Giant for him as well.

PACK 15:
Lana Turner - Actress
Harry Truman Playing Card - President
Stanley Livingston Mini Carolina Brights - Actor
Jean Harlow - Actress
Tris Speaker - Boston Red Sox
Bobby Hull - Hockey

A cool Red Sox card of Hall of Famer Tris Speaker.  I am a little surprised this is not an Indians card.

PACK 16:
Bob Gibson - St. Louis Cardinals
Joe Tinker Playing Cards - Chicago Cubs
Richie Ashburn Mini Carolina Brights - Philadelphia Phillies
Ron Swoboda - New York Mets
George "Spanky" McFarland - Actor
Curly Neal - Globetrotters

Amy pulls a mini Ashburn who is from a town just 20 miles west of where I am right now.  Gibson, another Nebraskan, goes to JediJeff, the Tinker and the Swoboda go to me.

PACK 17:
Brooks Robinson - Baltimore Orioles
The Three Stooges - Comedy Act
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Dale Murphy Mini Caramels - Atlanta Braves
Elizabeth Montgomery - Actress
Erin Blunt - Bad News Bears
Pete Rose - Cincinnati Reds

I Don't Know pulls a Robinson and a Murphy.  Baseball Dad gets the Rose.

PACK 18:
Richie Ashburn - Philadelphia Phillies
Pete Rose Top Bread- Cincinnati Reds
Norm Cash Mini Caramels - Detroit Tigers
Gerald Ford - President
Lou Brock - St. Louis Cardinals
Johnny Carson - TV Legend

I really like these Bread Label cards.  Baseball Dad gets the Rose card.  Amy gets another Nebraska Phillie, JediJeff gets the Brock, and the Norm Cash mini goes to I Don't Know.

PACK 19:
Rocky Marciano - Boxing Champ
Abraham Lincoln - President
Bobby Jones Mini Caramels - Golf Champ
Jane Russell - Actress
Stan Lee - Comic Artist
Bo Schembechler - Football Coach

Yikes.  Although I can appreciate the Lincoln and Lee cards.

PACK 20:
Joe Wood - Boston Red Sox
Grace Kelly - Actress
Big White Piece of Cardboard
Jane Russell Mini Caramels - Actress
Matthew "Stymie" Beard - Actor
Sparky Anderson - Cincinnati Reds
Jerry Lewis - Actor

Another Red for Baseball Dad and another Red Sox Joe Wood (that's three Joe Wood cards) for me.

PACK 21:
Arnld Rothstein - Gambler
Darrell Waltrip Delong Gum - NASCAR Legend
Rocky Marciano Mini Caramels - Boxing Legend
Tommy Davis - Los Angeles Dodgers
Bob Hope - Entertainer
Dick Smothers - Entertainer

I like these Delong Gum cards, but I really wish it would have been a baseball player.  Davis goes to Baseball Dad.

PACK 22:
Max Baer Jr. - Actor
Earl Campbell Delong Gum - NFL
Doak Walker Mini Caramels - NFL
Helen Wills - Tennis
Stan Musial - St. Louis Cardinals
Jim Rice - Boston Red Sox

Another non-baseball Delong Gum card, that's probably it for the box.  I get the Rice and JediJeff with a nice Musial.

PACK 23:
"Unsinkable" Molly Brown - Socialite
Hack Wilson Top Bread - Chicago Cubs
David Stambaugh Mini Red Caramels - Bad News Bears
William Howard Taft - President
Al Kaline - Detroit Tigers
Steve Cauthen - Jockey

Another Bread Label, this one a Cubs card.  I Don't Know pulls another Tiger.

PACK 24:
Knute Rockne - Coach
Jim Kiick Top Bread - NFL
Jim Thorpe Mini Carolina Brights Purple- Team USA
Fred Merkle - New York Giants
Ralph Terry - New York Yankees
Jan Stephenson - Golfer

Giants go to Baseball Dad.  And another Yankee of course.  The Kiick will be randomly sent to someone.


  1. Looks like someone gets a Fonzie card...

  2. I don't know where I was the week-end of these posts , but I missed them all ! Panini was definitely good to me ! Thanks for the break 11