Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 All Star Game and Festivities

I wanted to get back to posting regularly here, but just have not really had the opportunity to do so. As such, I have missed a ton of stuff with the All Star Game, once one of my favorite events in baseball.

I am not as huge a fan of the All Star Game anymore, but do still watch it. This year the Red Sox had six players selected: Adrian Gonzalez (who is having an MVP season), Kevin Youkilis, Jacoby Ellsbury, David Ortiz, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester. Beckett and Lester were both hurt, so they did not play, but the other four did. Gonzalez hit a home run and Youkilis had a single, but that's it for good performances.

Gonzalez and Ortiz each participated in Monday's Home Run Derby with Gonzalez losing to Robinson Cano by one home run. Cano just looked unstoppable on Monday.

The big news of the Game was the players not present. I do not recall another year when such a big deal was made out of players choosing not to attend the All Star Game. Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez refused to attend several times while with the Red Sox, but all of a sudden, this year it was a big deal. The reason: Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Alex Rodriguez. Those three players along with C.C. Sabathia all from the Yankees were no-shows at the Game. Rodriguez I kind of understand. After all, he did just have surgery. I don't really care if the players show up or not in the end, but I'm surprised that it has suddenly become a hot button issue. If it were not for Derek Jeter, I am sure it wouldn't be.

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