Wednesday, June 22, 2011

J.D. Drew

"Is It Time for Theo to Break Out the Sunk-Cost Diaries?"

I know, I know. I have been terrible about posting for quite some time. I have been working on opening up my own law office, planning a wedding, and moving. Now that the office is running relatively smoothly, the wedding and honeymoon have passed, and life is beginning to seem somewhat normal, I figure I can get back to things here.

Anyway, on June 22, Boston Dirt Dogs posted that question regarding J.D. Drew. I think the bashing that Drew gets is completely unwarranted. I understand that there is just something that fans hate about Drew, but I never totally understood it. Even before he was a Red Sox player, I never got the hate. Sure Phillies fans hate him because he refused to sign a contract with them when he was drafted. Sure Dodgers fans hate him because he opted out of his contract to leave the team, but why in the hell do Red Sox fans hate J.D. Drew?

Drew is having a bad year this year, and I do not think he will be back next year as the team has two up and coming players in Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish who are capable of replacing him. But, his time in Boston has been impressive. He put up OPS+ numbers of 105, 137, 133, and 110 in his first four years in Boston, which included a dramatic grand slam in the ALCS against Cleveland in 2007, helping to propel the team to the World Series, and an All Star Game MVP Award in 2008. He has been a consistently good hitter with a terrific on base percentage up until last year and has been a good defensive player.

I think the thing that fans hate about him is that he is so effortless. He just plays like it's the most natural thing in the world. He does not get too emotional about things and he does not really stand out. He is being paid a lot of money, but to me, he has been worth it up until this year.

I for one, will be sorry to see J.D. Drew leave after this year.

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