Friday, January 26, 2018

So I've Been Gone Awhile (Asking for Help)

Unfortunately, things are not going well around here.  I have been hit with the double whammy of needing to replace my furnace and my car at the same time.  And neither one could wait.  The furnace completely quit in the middle of the winter and my car broke down.  Because of that, I am in a bad spot financially.  Therefore, I am taking a step back from collecting and selling what I can.  I am looking at selling large team lots of cards, possibly all of my cards from each team.  I am going to start here because I know there are some generous people out there.  I am asking $50.00 to $100.00 per team lot, plus shipping, which I will have to look at.  They will be very large lots (not sure of numbers but very large).  Some players are picked over, so I cannot guarantee cards of certain players.  There will be rookie cards, star cards, parallels, inserts, maybe even autographs and relics, depending on the team.  If you want a general idea of what might be there, take a look at my tradelist, all those cards will be part of the lots.  I do not like asking for money, which is why I am selling.  Please help me out if you can and spread the word.  I will even sell duplicates from my Red Sox collection, and believe me, there are a ton there too.  I am going to keep my Red Sox collection and my Sandy Alomar Jr. collection and that is it.  I am not done collecting, just basically clearing stuff out for now and starting over later after the current crisis.

Thank you for any help.  Email me to work something out.

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